Help us –  Rehab, Maintain, & Build BNR Trails with our fundraising drive.  Thanks to Ken Smith for the use of these trailbuilding photographs.


Before Trail 2


After Trail




Buffalo River Partners support the maintenance and development of trail systems within the Park.  Trail work is done by volunteers under the direction and management of National Park Service personnel, and all funds received from “SHUCKS! IT’S JUST $2 BUCKS” campaigns are used for trail construction and maintenance.

Each $2 BUCKS received goes toward one foot of trail maintenance. Your support is greatly appreciated.



Buffalo National River Partners accepts donations to support the National Park Service preserve the unique natural and cultural features, educate visitors about park significance and mission, and to improve facilities of Buffalo National River. Donations specified for a particular purpose will be recognized and the Partners will make every effort to comply with the donor’s request.  Funds will be disbursed to and accounted for by Buffalo National River and will not be disbursed to individuals or organizations other than those with an agreement with the National Park Service.  All projects or work supported by donated funds must be approved and supervised by the National Park Service.