What do I need for a safe and legal Buffalo River float trip?

1.) A choice of a river section to float.  This depends on water levels and your experience. Except in a rain event, the later in the summer, the farther down the river you must go to have enough water. Concessionaires are helpful with this.





2.) A weather prediction of the river section AS WELL AS upriver.



3.) A canoe/kayak/raft and a shuttle. Concessionaires for the park can be found here:



4.) Personal flotation for you and each passenger. (An inner tube is considered a craft and not a pfd.).


5.) Water/non-alcoholic fluids (not in glass) for the trip and beyond for an emergency. Floatable coozies are required by law for open containers while floating.


6.) Snacks/food for the trip with extra to share or for an extended emergency stay.


7.) A mesh bag for trash. Secure it to a water craft.


 8.) Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses.  Water shoes that strap to your feet.


9.) All equipment including coolers should be secured to a water craft and secured shut.  This keeps trash off the river. 


We hope you have a wonderful and safe float !