Buffalo National River Partners

Working To Protect & Preserve America’s First National River

About BNRP

The Partners formed because of common interests in the Buffalo River. Our purposes, as stated in our mission statement, are dedicated to the promotion, appreciation, preservation and protection of the Buffalo River. The goals of the Partners are to provide volunteer and financial resources to Buffalo National River which will assist with a variety of projects to enhance facilities, improve visitor experiences and preserve the unique natural and cultural features of the Buffalo National River. Additionally, the Partners raise funds for specific projects and programs that assist the National Park... Read more →

Body of Drowned Canoeist Recovered

For Immediate Release Contact: Caven Clark, Public Information Officer. 870/365-2790 Body of Drowned Canoeist Recovered  The canoeist who disappeared near Kyles Landing in the upper Buffalo River during a flood Wednesday (April 26) was found today at about 11 am by a Hasty Volunteer Fire Department boat searcher. This individual was last reported by an observer at Kyles Landing in... Read more →

Buffalo National River Employee Robert Pugsley Receives Award

Buffalo National River Employee Robert Pugsley Receives Award  Robert Pugsley, wastewater treatment plant operator for Buffalo National River received the 2017 Wastewater Outstanding Achievement Award from the Arkansas Water Works and Water Environment Association. The award recognizes exceptional service for a utility serving fewer than 5,001 people.  Pugsley, a public servant with 42-years of utility operator experience and a 6-year... Read more →

Buffalo National River Invites All to Attend Public Meetings

Buffalo National River Invites All to Attend Public Meetings   Harrison AR:   Buffalo National River Superintendent Kevin Cheri invites the public to attend an open house meeting for the park’s Boxley Valley Comprehensive Area Plan. The National Park Service will be hosting two open houses for the public.  The purpose of these open houses is to collect information to aid in... Read more →