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After a round of public meetings Buffalo National River has received its permit from Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to continue operations.  Sewage treatment facilities are located at Buffalo Point and at Tyler Bend, primarily serving campgrounds and concessions facilities in these locations.  Prior to the public meeting held in October 1, 2013 at the Yellville Summit Cafeteria there was a flurry of questions and misunderstandings about the park’s wastewater operations, some even claiming that the park service was dumping untreated sewage into the river.  Far from the truth, in 2012 Buffalo National River received the overall award from the Northwest District of the Arkansas Waterworks and Water Environment Association for Small Wastewater Systems in recognition of the park’s effort and achievements in keeping all its wastewater systems operational to the highest public health standards. At that time Buffalo National River, and its primary utility operator in the lower district, Robert Pugsley were recognized with two awards. Pugsley was awarded the Individual Operator Award for Small Wastewater Systems. The individual award received by Robert recognizes the high operational and maintenance standards achieved in the Buffalo Point wastewater plants. Plans for a future replacement of existing facilities are in the works to maintain the highest standards possible.  Funding in the amount of approximately two million dollars has been requested for the Buffalo Point facility alone. The park remains committed to addressing the many threats to the Buffalo River, including waste generated by its own visitors, to insure that the resources and recreational values that preserved the river for the benefit of the nation are maintained to the best of our ability.