CAFO Controversy – Late April Update

Jack and Pam StewartBuffalo National River Alliance

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1. A Permit Modification Request

2. Extension of Moratorium on Hog CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operation) in the Buffalo River watershed.

3. How $740,000 of your money is being spent.

4. A commemoration and float trip to honor a champion of the Buffalo National River

1. C & H Hog CAFO Permit Modification Request

Owners of the hog factory farm on Big Creek near the Buffalo National River have requested permission to revise their permit to allow the use of a vac tanker truck to spread hog waste from pond 2 onto surrounding fields.

The public was invited to comment.  Over 150 written comments were submitted and a handful of oral comments were presented at the public hearing in Jasper on April 22. Almost all were opposed to the request.

ADEQ will now make a decision on the modification. However, prior to the public hearing, Deputy Director Benefield indicated the agency had already made a “tentative decision” and BRWA thinks that once again the modification will be approved in spite of overwhelming public opposition.

2. Moratorium Extended:

The APC&E Commission met on April 24 and unanimously agreed for the third time to extend the 180-day moratorium prohibiting ADEQ from issuing any new swine CAFO permits in the Buffalo River watershed.

3. Big Creek Research and Extension Team Funding Extended:

BCRET originally received $340,000 from Governor Beebe’s “Rainy Day Funds” to monitor C&H. On March 6, the Arkansas Legislature approved an appropriation bill, Act 369  which provides an additional $100,000 per year for 4 years for continued support of BCRET. BRWA is critical of this work on a single, private operation being done at taxpayer expense (now totaling $740,000)

4. Save The Date   Sunday, May 24

Ozark River Stewards  is hosting an event to honor the late Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt who coauthored the bill establishing the Buffalo National River. The event will begin at the pavilion at the Ozark Campground on the Buffalo (between Harrison and Jasper) and culminate with a short float trip to Pruitt. More information coming soon.