Tyler Bend Garden Cleanup and Plant Swap

Sybil CraigPhotos, Uncategorized

November 7, 2017 was cloudy and chilly, however nine volunteers appeared with rakes and digging tools to remove weeds and lay a blanket of mulch on the Tyler Bend native gardens. Formations of geese flew southward overhead indicating winter’s approach. The leaf bin had been filled by the Tyler Bend Maintenance crew, and Joyce Umbach, Ranger/Interpreter donated her leaf shredder for volunteer use. The moist soil made pulling grass and other weeds fairly easy, though uninvited tree seedlings had to be dug out. Shredded leaves, which look neater and blow around less, were spread around the perennial garden, while whole leaves were raked around the shrubs. Several volunteers brought seedling native plants or rooted cuttings from their own gardens for a plant exchange. There were Obedient Plants, Beautyberry and Golden Currant shrubs, Native Pink Honeysuckle, and others to choose from. By noontime all were ready for lunch, in spite of the mid-morning snack that Dwan always seems to produce. Participating volunteers were; Paula Caprio, Marilyn Fouts, Dwan Garrison, Edie Hampton, Liz Harris, Ginger Milan, Karen Tietmeyer, Pam Stewart, Jack Stewart